Spring in Toronto

It's been quite a long time since I've sat down and written anything for this blog. Life has been busy but I feel like now a little more time has opened up so I hope to get back to writing in this thing more.

This weekend I toured Toronto aimlessly (okay, with one aim...to see the High Park cherry blossoms). It started with a streetcar ride to the west end to pick up my bike, and then a quick trip to The Annex to meet someone. That turned into a prompt visit to The Gap to buy a lighter shirt (the navy t-shirt and jeans combo wasn't working for me under the strong summer-like sun), and traveling along the Dupont-then-Davenport bike lanes into The Junction. My search for magazines brought me to the Shopper's in the Bloor West Village before finally descending onto High Park. It was great to see so much of the city, especially as I tend to fall into a admittedly nice east end routine of work (Riverdale) with evenings at home (Upper Beach). After meeting John at CBC downtown we took the GO to Danforth station to save me a 40 min bike ride home. I had ridden from 12pm-7pm and loved every minute of it but it was time for rest. Here are some photos from the day:

Vote There

Election fever has Toronto in a bind! With less than a week away until the polls close, who will be city's next mayor?

I voted in the advance poll and took some photos of the nearby Glen Ames school. What a beautiful building, a blending of the eras.

Chow for Mayor! Also I support Mary-Margaret McMahon for Ward 32 councillor.

One of the amazing Villlage murals. Check ‘em out anytime as they’re there to stay! #wpto14 Mural by @wilcraddock