Music, memory, motivation...

While there are no limits to what I wish to post on this blog, I hadn't intended to post music. Just because I hadn't really thought to do so. Until now.

While I'm working, I'll frequently click play on iTunes, starting with the first song in my library's playlist which is always the newest song added. I love letting the songs just play through one after another, especially when a song I had kind of passed over, whether it was old or was really, really new to me, catches my...ear.  Then the song goes on repeat for awhile, or even a group of songs.  It really helps me stay motivated, as rather than albums it's just songs that I like that populate my library, and this helps define certain periods of my life.  If I listen to a set of songs, I can be transported back to a season, a year, a month, 3rd year of university...

Two songs that will probably help define this period of my is called "I Could Be Your Friend" by Viva Mars, an indie-rock band based out of Oshawa, Ontario.  I've recently become infatuated with their music, surprised by the overall great quality of the songs and entertaining live performances.  I wanted to share this song through their Facebook page, but because they haven't published it there yet, I decided to share it here. If you would like to hear more, email them (viva_mars [at] hotmail [dot] com) for a copy of their new 4-song demo "Smile With Viva Mars".

[audio:|titles=I Could Be Your Friend - Viva Mars]

Then there's the much discussed new album from Radiohead, and at first, "Lotus Flower" was interesting, but it wasn't until I saw the video and Thom Yorke's quirky dance moves, that I really starting loving the song. Awesome, awesome, awesome.

Thanks music, for helping me stay motivated and adding new dimensions to my memory.