Sex on Wheels, a doc

It's not what you think. Well. Maybe it's exactly what you think. Well, just watch the trailer for the upcoming film "Sex on Wheels" and you be the judge. This film has been a long time coming, documenting Amanda Feder's personal journey of learning to balance on two wheels, and she is now fundraising on IndieGoGo to get an editor to finish the film. Help fund the film and get some perks from doing so!

Aside from the personal aspect of the doc, which I love, it also focuses on the vibrant cycling community in Toronto. "This film is ultimately an ode to the vibrant Toronto bicycle community, allowing us to see this vivacious group of cyclists from the perspective that has been under-represented in bike films- the total outsider."

I just went on my first bike ride of 2011 two days ago and it was awesome. There's just something about riding around the city on a bike. Good luck Amanda! I hope to see the film soon.