squid-teethI used to have stellar dental hygiene...well, nothing's changed except I've had dental surgery twice and have gotten's the short story. *A few cavities when I was younger, but all those teeth with fillings fell out and made way for new adult teeth. *Teeth have always been a shade of pale yellow-white...meh. *Dentist discovers that I have no adult teeth under my two lower, front baby teeth, and am missing some wisdom teeth.  Concludes that I should get an implant because if I don't, the baby teeth could fall out eventually and my lower bridge will deteriorate (aiyiyi!) *Orthodontist trip concludes that I have a deep overbite and thus require:

  • A permanent retainer, with night headgear....*groan*
  • Braces  *shudder*
  • Temporary lower and upper retainer

*Trip to dental surgeon where he removes baby teeth and replaces them with metal implant.  Metal implant doesn't hold because the bone is weak so I have a bone graph and the implant is put in again. *Porcelain teeth are fashioned and Kathleen finally has "adult" lower/front teeth!!! *Oddly enough, tooth next to implant is dying (oh noes!) and I needed a root canal...still need a crown.

Funnily enough, all throughout my braces stage, the ortho and dental assistants remarked on how great I took care of mah teeth.  However, after the implant I started having all these problems, including mild gingavitis (boo).  I'm not blaming the implant, although I'm sure it caused the root canal, but why all the issues now?

What I love is that some dental assistants will poke your gums with that scraper thing, and when your gums bleed, I don't know, because they've been PUNCTURED, then they start going on about how you should floss and none of that bleeding would happen.  Perhaps my gums would be stronger....but come on!

I've never flossed, and I know I should since it seems I can't get away without it any longer.....???

Why all the dental talk?  Well, I don't want to reveal too much but I'm trying out a toothbrush from OralB.  It claims to make your teeth whiter and whatnot.  It comes at a good time because I'm overdue for a dental check-up and cleaning.  So stay tuned and let's see what this brush can do!

Disclaimer: I'm aware that a toothbrush, no matter how gargantuan and monstrous it is, is a replacement for regular dental check-ups.  I say meh.