Rejection, Rails, and Sugar Bowls

Ah, documentary is in the air. TIFF '11 just announced that for the very first time a documentary will open up their show.

At the same time, my film was rejected from TIFF's selection. Oh well, now this means I can apply to festivals that don't require premieres and, soon, post the film online for the interwebs to see!

But there is some happy news.

A few friends of mine, who reached their Kickstarter goal I mentioned in a previous post, for the film The Sugar Bowl have just finished a teaser trailer for the film! They traveled to the Philippines in April and have been editing up a storm. Beautiful work you guys.

Another friend, a fellow Documentary Media (MFA) '10 grad, Jeff Winch is screening his film Bending the Rails on August 30th at the Revue Cinema. It focuses on the railways that border an area in Toronto called the Junction Triangle, and how the continued approval of diesel trains rather than cleaner alternatives (electrical, for example) have negatively affected the tight-knit community. The film also looks closely at the relationship of the government and city councillors to the GO lines. Check it out! There's a Q&A afterwards so don't miss it.

Documentary. Amazing.