...the commenters at BlogTO seem to hate them.  Especially Dan Cooper.  I'm wondering how much of the interview was left out, and whether what was left in was the whole story.

Tron on March 28, 2009 10:23 AM

Yeah I wish these hipsters would go home with their hipster hangouts (pretty much every place reviewed by this site).

Americans have a wannabe ghetto problem. Toronto has a wannabe hipster problem. I am not sure which is worse.

I am creating a charity called "Move Hipsters Out" that helps hipster adjust to normal life and into the tax system along with their hangouts and heavens. So far I have got McDonald's, Walmart, Tim Horton's as donors. Starbucks denied the donation request.

I want to license the following as a mission statement: "This douche bag is a run of the mill Hipster. The beard, the keffiyeh, the unbearable self importance. And of course, like all Hipsters, he comes to the big city from some shitty town on the outskirts of nowhere, looking to make his " artistic socially responsible " statement. Oi Vay. I'm sure Mom and Dad are paying for the loft and the Liberal Arts Degree.

I'm so sick of Hipsters vomiting all over Kensington Market and Ossington every weekend. I can't be the only person tired of these douche bags and their pillow fights, subway dances, yard sales and cans of PBR.

Please Hipsters, pack up your American Apparel, vintage bullshit and buy a one way ticket home. Or move to " Billy-burg " and get it over with.

You don't bring anything to the city. "

I'm just so surprised how angry some of the commenters seem to be.  Sheesh, I wouldn't be surprised if, by definition, they were hipsters themselves.  :D  Just interesting.From The Fed