Cake! Fabulous Cake and their Makers

The Cake Show in Toronto just happened, and the winner is from Roxy Cakes.  They have a website and blog with INCREDIBLE photos of their cakes, and featured on their blog is the winner of the show--a cheese platter, with four stacked wheels of cheese and adornments....ALL EDIBLE!

[Roxy Cake pics are copyright, so I won't post them here, but definitely check out the sites...the above pic is from an this blog--I love Back to the Future!!!]

What is with people and their ability to make fabulous cakes?!  Cake Boss is a new show on TLC that features one family-run cake business, with all the trials and tribulations that go with baking/designing cakes, or rather works of art because they really are amazing.  Mondays 10pm, TLC.