Another Day, Another Post

Very hard to believe it is March! School for me (undergrad) is almost done, and it's very bittersweet. Still a lot of work to do though! Been busy, but very behind in my work still. So, I've attempted to return to Photoshop composite work, and just experimenting with the different tools and filters and whatnot to create whatever comes to mind. I find I work very well with found tools/objects and whatnot...wondering if I'd be able to make the same composite, such as below, but relying purely on my own hand as the guide for creativity (like if the tools weren't there....meh).

My fave thing about Photoshop is that I'll start making a composite with a certain idea in mind but then end up with something I like, but totally not what I was doing at first. (above and below). Anywho, off to bed with me, but I wanted to do an update (about time isn't it???). lol