Garbage Strike: Toronto

What was once imminent is now a reality, with Torontonians today waking up to a city-wide garbage strike.  I can feel my anger growing already...and not because of the strike itself, but because you see immediately how careless people are with their waste.  "It's not my problem".  Isn't it?

"We expect people to take it home or to their place of business" to dispose of litter, Rathbone said. "We expect most Torontonians will follow the plan."

City manager Joe Pennachetti urged Toronto residents to cooperate: "These are not ordinary circumstances."

I do expect that there will be many people doing nothing to try and cut down their garbage production, or who will be illegally dumping it.  However, my challenge this strike period, however long it may be, is to not only cut down my garbage production (a.k.a. whatever I consume/purchase/etc.. that requires something to be placed in a garbage receptical, ie: packaging), and be conscious about the three R's even more so than before.

It's going to be tough I think.  What's going to be more frustrating though is watching the Toronto city streets quickly fill up with garbage from people who don't care.

I found this photo series on's website regarding the 2002 garbage strike.  While I don't know the circumstances, this is exactly the kind of thing I think can be avoided...shouldn't we be conscious of the garbage we produced especially in the midst of a garbage strike?  On the one hand, it's obvious someone wasn't letting striking municipal workers from stopping their pizza party on the beach [scroll through the photos in the series to find it], but couldn't they have postponed it, or taken the garbage with them?  I can read it as a big FU to the city from residents/tourists, but more so as irresponsibility on behalf of those people.  Aren't we just a responsible for our garbage?

On that note, we're also back to the pre-green bin era as residents are told to "consolidate" their waste if they're to drop it off at any waste station since there will be no green bin service.  TIME WARP!

Welcome to Toronto, summer!  It's gonna become extra smelly.  Now to go to the LCBO before they possibly strike on Tuesday.  Can't wait for that stampede!