Take a cue from that Michael Jackson song...

...and just leave me alone. A cryptic blog, but one where I need to vent this. I'm tired of answering questions I can't answer, or responding to unfounded judgments. Get your facts straight before you come to any conclusions, or else don't talk to me.

Yes, I suppose this really is a vent blog at the moment. I don't want to single out anyone, because that's not my intention. It's really something I need to get off my chest...perhaps this isn't the place to do it, as this particular blog isn't for this purpose. Well, I guess it is now.

If you really care about me, then you'd genuinely show it. If the only way to get people off my back is to destroy a relationship, then you've got another thing coming. Stop using arguments from three years ago. Stop asking me questions that I can't answer. Stop judging so quickly and spitefully when you know nothing of the situation.

I'm done talking about it, unless someone has anything meaningful to contribute. Or maybe support would be nice, and thanks to the people who have actually shown me some, while also displaying their genuine and justified concern (if any).

I do not feel like I have to defend my relationship from unjustified attacks...and so I will stop responding to such....from now on, I am ceasing all conversation about the subject for now.