Composting: Journeying Towards Aerobic Decomposition

compost2With the garbage strike well underway, I'm trying to find different ways to cut down on my waste. I was dismayed to hear that the green bin program has been scrapped for now and people bringing their garbage to certain centers have been told to combine garbage and green bin in the same bag for now isntead of separating it.

Which is why I've started thinking about composting the majority of my green bin waste, and hopefully get some wonderful soil for next year's plants perhaps!

Composting isn't a foreign thing to me, since my family has a bin at home.  But my family also lives on a farm, so having a composter in residence, or in an apartment, never appealed to me.  Now I live in a house, albeit with a jungle for a backyard, but I figure now is the best time to start composting.

I assumed composters would be an easy find in the city...well, yes and no.  I found one at Canadian Tire (online) but it's a whopping $59.99 [11 cubic feet].

composter I live downtown, and unfortunately cannot think of any other gardening place to get this kind of thing but searching on the City of Toronto website, I found that they sell composters too [10 cubic feet]!  Bravo Toronto! At a lovely $15.00/bin, adding $5.00 for delivery, it's an awesome deal.  You have to prove you're a resident in order to get one, but that's understandable.

However, because of the strike, I wonder if I could even get it delivered.  And to pick it up, I'd need to cross the picket lines that mark every garbage station in this city.  Is it worth it?  Yes.  Of course.  But do I want to wait 45mins to get one.  And would they even be offering this sale during a strike?

There's only one way to find out!  And so the adventure begins!