Twisted Alliance logo I'm trying to create a website for myself, especially to post films, photos, etc.. but to also advertise myself as a person (yay!), videographer (sorta), and MFA student.

I've only created website using, first in 2000, Homestead.  They had a great sitebuilder, but decided to charge people for their sites.  I moved to Geocities in 2001, and created Twisted Alliance, a site for my friends.  It's a great little time capsule, as the site is still running as of July 2009, but Geocities has warned people that it is closing accounts in September.

As my friends and I parted ways to achieve academic careers (aka University/College), I had less time to manage the site and it kinda stopped being updated.

Now, as I'm entering (hopefully) the career world with only one year left of my MFA program, I thought it might be prudent to advertise myself and my services/art/films/thoughts on the web like many others.  I purchased the Adobe Master Collection at the beginning of the 2008 school year, and am just now discovering Dreamweaver for reals.  It's such a complicated program right now!  I found a tutorial online and created a crappy website, so hopefully I'll keep learning and create something really cool.  Does anyone have any tips?

What I find really confusing, since I know nothing about code, is the html/CSS thing.  This leads into that, and connects over there, but you can't do that, unless you do this....and so forth.  Well, there are less than two months of summer left.  My goal is to have a functioning site by the end of it, and know a little something more about Dreamweaver. Wish me luck!