No ice cream for bad boy.

Photo: Temptation Vegan Ice Cream by moria, Flickr Two guys walk up to me and two friends on College Street, Sunday night.

Guy #1: Where did you get that ice cream?

Me: Oh, at The Big Chill.  Just past Euclid.

Guy #2: Oh, and it's tucked away, right?

Me: Yeah, go past the boarded up storefront. [laughs] It's just around the corner.

Guy #1: I don't think I deserve to have any though.

Me: Why? [Crap, why did I ask that?]

Guy #1: I've been a bad boy.

Me: ......right.  Okay, well, enjoy the ice cream.

A few moments later...

Me: Whhhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?

But would a life-story story been any better?