Itchin' to read

Every once in a while, I get this incredible urge to stock up on books.  I used to be a heavy reader when I was younger, but as high school hit I seemed to read less and less.  From reading a chapter every night, I'm now just reading online. Perhaps the transition from tangible reading materials to the online world of newspaper websites and blogs isn't a bad thing.  Maybe I'm reading the same amount, but why does it feel like I'm reading less?  Probably because I'm not reading books.

Photo by: Lin Pernille ♥ Photography (Flickr)And thus, my mission today (Tues) is to go on an epic bike ride around the city, visiting book stores (like Swipes, and The Beguiling -- thanks Hil) to find a book to scratch this persistent itch I have.  The only problem is choosing a book, but if I leave early enough, I'll have all day to find one before attending the TIFF Volunteer Recruitment thingy.   Oh, and maybe go to the library and pay off my giant fine--a result from last summer's itch.  *sigh*

That is something I will definitely blog about this year, and perhaps a future post will include memories from recent years of volunteering at TIFF.

Speaking of films, can anyone recommend the Julia/Julie book, that is now a movie coming out in August that I really want to see!  How funny it's a book revolving around cooking and a blog.

Off I go!