One day at a time...

Hmmm, I really wish I was the kind of person who could keep a daily journal. My efforts to keep a daily blog have failed...why did I think it would be different? However, I am happy to have started this blog and want to try to document the summer's end and starting Graduate studies in the fall!

I hope to post at least SOMETHING almost everyday, so we'll see. Not taking as many pics unfortunately, but I hope this will improve.

So, I always thought Watchmen wouldn't appeal to me as a graphic novel....of course then the trailer comes out and I LOVE it. I don't know why I love the trailer so much, but I hope the same thing doesn't happen with the film as what happened with Sin City. I loved Sin City's trailer, but the movie wasn't what I expected. I still liked the film...but the trailer hyped it up too much I think. So now I'm reading Watchmen, borrowed from a friend (sorry Dylan! I'm almost done and will return it soon!). I wanted to buy my own copy but now with the trailer out, everyone is trying to get their hands on a copy it seems. What I dislike is Indigo's stock indicator on their website....which "appears" to get updated, but it lies!!!! I went to a few stores that said they had Watchmen in stock, with no avail. Boo.

The graphic novel is great so far...almost done! I also have to finish reading two other books I took out from the library a while ago...and are now overdue (oops, forgot to renew, BLARGH!).

Song of the Week: "The Beginning is the End is the Beginning" - The Smashing Pumpkins (featured in the Watchmen trailer)

OH! And I saw The Dark Knight! Incredible! I really enjoyed it and have seen it twice already...probably and third or fourth time as I keep finding new peeps to see it with. The whole cast was really the heck are the creators going to top this?!