Summer, hello!

Photo by Kathleen Mackey Well, this week has been full of wonderful summer weather!  Alas, it is August 20th and I can't believe that I'll be back to school soon.

So many things are going to happen this year.  September is going to be chalk full of events, like the Port Perry Fair (oh yes!), TIFF, back to school, OSAP lines, THE drag performance of the year (which I'll be helping document), the end of my work's layoff period, many exciting projects ramping up at Matter of Fact Media, Girl Talk at Ryerson's parade and picnic, oh, and class!  Oh, and my thesis. :D

This year I'm changing things up for TIFF.  Instead of spending all my time doing evening Ryerson theatre shifts, I'm going to have three midnight madness shifts and will be spending two mornings at the Sutton Hotel, being a runner for the Operations Department. Confidentiality is important amongst volunteers and organizers at TIFF for all the important behind-the-scenes stuff so I'll mostly blog about my exciting experiences as a theatre volunteer and runner (WOO!).  TIFF can be kinda complicated, so feel free to contact TIFF or even me if you have any questions about buying tickets, what the rush line is, best bets, etc.

I'll also be posting more about my thesis, which revolves around my family's farm, and relating photos.

Well, I have much do to.  Let's hope this new academic period, my last year as a Ryerson student, will be filled with great experiences and opportunities.