TIFF 09! Volunteerin'

Tiff photo, by mrvmedia on Flickr WOOT!  TIFF is here!  Well, it's been here for three days...I'm just late posting.

Had my first volunteer Operations (runner) shift at the Sutton Place Hotel on Friday (Sept 11).  That place was hoppin'!  Excitement was definitely in the air...and I'm wondering if I was there at the same time as Matt Damon.  lol Perhaps!   What a beautiful hotel too.

Saturday (Sept 12) night I had a Midnight Madness shift at the Ryerson Theatre for George A. Romero's Survival of the Dead.  Awesome seeing the zombies.  I was a seat guarder for the first part, and it was so much fun to say, "Hey Zombie!  Sit over there, those are reserved for you!"  "Zombie?  Over there.".  George A. Romero came out to say a few words.  It was awkward standing while everyone else was sitting...sorry to any people's views I blocked!

Tonight is a Midnight Madness shift again!  An Australian film, from director Sean Byrne, called The Loved Ones.  I think this is one of the films I wanted to see this year, so perhaps I might get a peek at it.

There's a chance I might be attending a TIFF/film-related event tomorrow!  I'm excited...but realize I have nothing cool to wear.  Like, nothing.  Perhaps a stop to the Eaton Centre is necessary?