TIFF is coming to a close

"dsc_3505" by mrvmedia, via flickr And I haven't seen a film yet!

Today I plan on seeing The Secret in Their Eyes with Blanca.

I finished all my Midnight Madness shifts, featuring The Loved Ones (Sun) and Bitch Slap (Mon).  The Loved Ones looked amazing!  I really had wanted to see that one.

One more shift, at the Sutton Place on Saturday, and TIFF is done for me--except for a film or two, to catch up!

This week has been insane...the start of classes, TIFF, work, OBN work, extra work, MOFM work....so much stuff!

Oh!  And Matter of Fact Media's film The Musical Brain has been nominated for two Gemini awards!!!   CONGRATS!

On Monday I went to a party (thanks Vanessa!!!) at The Drake, hosted by First Weekend Club and the Whistler Film Festival.  I met a few people in the industry, from all avenues.  PR, actors, managers, CFC staff.  I was talking to John Paizs (director, CFC) and didn't even know it.  Geez where was wiki when I needed it?

I'm really horrible at shmoozing, but decided I needed to try and meet some industry professionals.  Networking is so key in this industry--so I need to practice.  It paid off as I met some interesting contacts, exchanged some cards, and had some great conversations.  Oh, and benefited from the host bar.  At least until 8pm.  :D