Going through the archives...

Looking at some photos.  L-R: John, Cynthia (Mum), James (Grandpa) My thesis film revolves around the death of the family farm.  Thus, much of my research includes going through two major types of archives: public, and private/personal (in a manner of speaking).

PUBLIC - Whitby Archives (Whitby Public Library), Toronto Reference Library, Ontario Public Archives, etc. PRIVATE/PERSONAL - The Mackey Family History (book), family photographs, documents, etc...

I haven't devoted much time yet to delving through any archives yet, but luckily I'm currently enrolled in a class dedicated to the topic of archives and databases.  This will definitely help to keep me on track as part of one assignment, in short, is to organize my research and other materials into a database/system/template of some kind.

In the next couple of months, I'll be going through so many materials that when it comes to editing the film, and writing my paper, I'll be so thankful to have this level of organization in the form of an easily accessible database.

I'll be blogging about the process of creating such a database, and also about the materials in it, and my thoughts on archives since my thesis heavily revolves on the family archive, as well as local public ones.  Any posts related to this will be tagged with "archives".

Since Thanksgiving is coming up, I'll have an opportunity to immerse myself in the mountains of photos my family has.  My goal is to go through any pertinent ones related to the film (photos of the farm, family members on the farm), and figure out some kind of system of numbering them, creating "tags", and assigning ratings based on relevance/importance/significance.  Maybe I can even make it to the Whitby public library too.

Off to the archives!