1986, TWIST, art

^Untitled, Keith Haring, 1986

I came across a wiki for Keith Haring...I love this work! It's funny, I had seen his type of work before but never knew who it was from and whatnot. Just wanted to share.

Also came across Barry McGee's work. I think it's just awesome!

^Untitled (Painted Wall of Faces), Barry McGee, 2005

Also, at the 2007 Fan Expo in Toronto, I came across Alexei Vella's work. I love Artist's Alley as you get to meet some really talented people, and you don't have to pay $50.00 to talk to them either...and you get to have conversations! lol

^Happy, For A Change?, Alexei Vella

Song: "Hearts on Fire" - Cut Copy