Blogging....and my music collection!

Okay, so two things. Okay, three.

I'm trying to customize my blog as I, as well as many it seems in the blogging community, have grown tired of blogger's templates. However, trying to find a template seems arduous. I'm a creative person, I believe at least, and I'd love to make my own template. Yet, it seems like an insane process, and I don't know the first thing about coding, or CSS, or CS?, or HTML, or XML, although I am learning a lot as I wander the interwebs in search of help and guidance. So the search continues, and I ask anyone who is viewing this blog that they have patience with my everchanging layout. Thanks!

After moving in two months ago, I have JUST! AT THIS MOMENT! FINALLY! uploaded my music collection to my new MacBook Pro! HURRAH! Oh Chromeo and Deerhoof, and Madonna, and Club Hits, I missed you so. Not that my iTunes library has remained empty...I've been listening to alot of new music lately, and MAN!

Just when you think, "How the hell can the music world top THIS music?!", they come out with new stuff that is just amazing. Right now, I'm finding Land of Talk, Freeform Five, Lykke Li, Coldplay, CutCopy, and toooons more to be just amazing. Everyone's tastes are different, but there's new and exciting music out there. I can say the same for the graphic design/photography/art world, but I digress. I think I'll go onnnn and on.

Finally, ugh sleep patterns. Now, it's what I feared. I had been going to bed around 5am as of late, but had to get up at normal times. Since being diagnosed with Strep Throat, I've allowed myself more time to sleep, and thus I'm now in a pattern of going to bed at 5am and waking up at 5pm, and so forth. Actually, now it's almost 6am...might not go to bed 'til 12pm today. I might stretch out the day, so I'll got to bed at 11pm, and hopefully wake up at a normal time on Monday.

Here's to hoping.

Also, today I discovered, thanks to the MoreProof new website, this awesome new application (for Mac only....sorry Windows lovers) called Poladroid. Visit their website, download the app, and transform your digital pictures into awesome-looking digital Polaroids! This app is a lifesaver, especially since Polaroid announced that it would be stopping all film production for their cameras.