*cough* *cough* *HACK!*

Listening to some Lykke Li...beautiful music, from such a talented artist.

Also reading about coughs...I have one that doesn't seem to go away. Of course the first hits on google are about coughing in children and the whatnot, and while I was reading, I came across some tips to help/ease a child's cough. One of the suggestions was to use a cool-mist humidifier, and memories of being sick as a kid instantly came flooding back.

I remember the fascination with the cool-mist humidifier...allowing my hand to rest over top of the machine and feel the mist, remarking on its coolness. lol But also Vicks Vapo-rub, which is a memeory/sensation I had the pleasure of reliving. John's Mom gave me a bottle from her reserve...the smell, endothermic feel (?)...ah I remember it well. I also remember the "barf bucket"...the large, brown bowl that lay next to the beside during those other particular sick times. Lovely. But handy.

My fondest memory of being sick, if such a thing exists (perhaps appropriate with the coming of Christmas.....yeah, it's only the beginning of November, but you'll blink and it'll be here, so there)....was becoming ill right around Christmas. I couldn't go to Christmas Eve festivities/Mass so Mom stayed home with me and we watched Christmas shows. I think Mom knitted or something, and made me my FAVE sandwich, Egg Salad!

What's sad is I don't often remember Christmastime for some reason, but this one stands out. I think I'm going to have to start a tradition of special Christmas Event Blog postings, which get added to as time passes through the holiday season, to document what it is that I do during that time!

But that's why I like blogs...they're like a diary. And so forth.