Tires, on the farm

tiresWhenever I'm visiting the Mackey farm, especially with my camera, I seem to discover more things about it and thus begin taking photos.  I'd like to think it's a less obsessive documentation of the farm, while it still exists...I find something interesting, and sort of do a photo series on it (like above and below).

mossy spots However, I think there's something working at the back of my mind that reminds me subtly that the farm will cease to exist at some point in the near future, and the time is now to start documenting it.  The archive is something of great discussion in terms of my thesis project.  The film I'm making, the photographs of the farm I'm taking, all will become an archive of this physical structure and the space around it.

It seems strange now to think that the space where these tires sit will soon be gone.  I can't help but think how the value of the photograph of it will rise, for me personally, once the physical thing is gone.  I suppose I can't miss it until it is gone, although I feel like I'm already in a phase of mourning.  No, not for the tires.  Just the farm.

paint spots paint spots 2

tires in a row