NOW magazine's past featured in archives

now actors

Thanks to Facebook, I recently stumbled across NOW Magazine--The Movie, a 9-episode video series produced by by You and Media for NOW Magazine to celebrate their 25th anniversary!

The series features interviews from a medley of individuals, whether it be filmmakers to theatre artists, city councillors to Mayor Miller himself (serving Martinis in episode 2)!


I absolutely love the series, not only because it seems to feature NOW staff (people you don't normally get to see except for their name in the paper) or because the performances are hilarious (are those actors or NOW staff too?!), but because it's a part mock, part doc series, providing both entertainment but also interesting history on NOW magazine.

now logo

The series also incorporates video archive footage taken back in the day when  NOW was in its youth (1980's), which I find fascinating.  I love seeing the  footage and thinking, "Wow, I'm so glad someone picked up a camera and  documented it".  It's so neat to see NOW back when it was a start-up 50-cent  paper, and to see a part of NOW magazine that is usually hidden--the people, the  office space, and the countless hours of hard work that the staff then and now      put into their paper.

But I can't forget that NOW magazine has been archived in a different, more obvious sense--each week's publication preservation by libraries and NOW is in itself an archive; not only of the paper but it is also a piece of its history, and a history of what was going on that week in Toronto.

To go through archives of NOW, I can't begin to imagine what I'd find!  For now, I'll be enjoying the archive footage featured in the series.

The next episode comes out November 19th!  Can't wait!