The wild breaking the city's border

  urban vs. rural spaces"]Making a film that touches on food production, sustainability, the "green" trend, changing landscapes, suburban expansion, and the disappearance of the family farm, I've been looking around a lot at juxtapositions of urban vs. rural spaces.

An event in toronto that happened, detailed in a article today, was a great example of this juxtaposition.  A wild deer (assumed wild) was found in downtown Toronto, before sedated and taken away.  An idea of a wild animal roaming the streets of Toronto is a strange image to have in my head, and the same must have been for the people that experienced it first-hand in the city's core.


Authorities aren't sure where the deer came from specifically but regardless it managed to permeate the city borders and for a few moments the urban and rural came together.  Now, there are zoos and petting farms within the city, but those animals are contained.  The wild deer is like a foreign object--it doesn't belong in the city, and as soon as it got it, great effort was taken to remove it.

I think it speaks greatly to how easily urban spaces permeate the rural borders and take it over without much opposition (or if there is, ultimately housing and serving the growing population is the priority and wins out), while the reverse requires much more effort.  Well, one day perhaps the wild will take over again.