DOC U, Hot Docs, and backyard reno

It's that time of year again!  Hot Docs is just around the corner, as is my venture into the DOC U program!  I'll be reporting my adventures everyday, and hope to see a zillion films this year!  The week is booked off! Also, housemates (and myself, but I must give them all the credit and they really put in the initiative) have undertaken a giant reno of the backyard.  It's slow as it goes, due to availability of ourselves, but I'm hoping the end of summer will yield some fantastic after photos.  I don't even have a very good before photo, but below are a few from a few weeks ago.

Last summer I blogged about composting, which failed, mainly due to lack of access to the backyard's compost, but that problem doesn't exist now so hopefully composting will begin!  Hurray!