HOT DOCS! Day 1 and 2

HOT DOCS has officially begun!!!! And I'm sick.  Hopefully it's just a one-day thing, because from here on in it's going to be go, go, go!

Thursday afternoon I rushed over to pickup my delegate badge, which will allow me access to all the Hot Docs events and parties. :D

Thursday evening I met up with some Doc U peeps and we had an awesome evening at the ROM for the Impact: A Green Gala.  The venue was beautiful!!!  Hot Docs really didn't hold back!  Aside from delicious h'or deouvres and a host bar, there was also a tequila tasting station and some kind of "green shots" area, where you got shots of beet juice and etc.. Mine was green and although it tasted good, I still have no idea what it was.

Today was a low-key day but I'm hoping to see many films tomorrow, and then Sunday is the DOC U welcome and brunch!  Can't wait, and in the meantime, check out blogs from fellow DOC U peeps.

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