Today was a breather day, and actually the longest DOC U day.  I decided to take the evening off to catch up on some work, so this worked out quite well. It started off with a 9am screening of Monica and David, a lovely film about a couple, each who have down-syndrome, who decide to get married and live their lives together.  The film focuses on their relationship, their families, and issues around their independence.  Filmmaker, Alexandra Codina, stopped by to chat with us about getting that film made, and also on personal documentaries in general, which I found really fascinating.  There are so many different approaches to documentary filmmaking, but I've always gravitated towards the personal one and so her talk was very enlightening and included great advice on making films with family members as subjects.

Afterwards we had a break, and being on a caffeine-fueled high, I began furiously checking my emails and realizing that my life, that I put on hold for this DOC U and incredible Hot Docs experience, was now demanding attention.  I've been very lucky this week, however, in that I've been able to put a lot of time aside for the festival.  However, I decided to take this day a bit easier, as there are still two days of the festival left for me.

Then it was off to Kickstart!  A three-part panel on filmmaking.  The panels were great and the speakers were so engaging on their particular topic.  The panel was divided into three parts: Funding, Making, and Selling (a film).  The Making part was really neat since the filmmakers from the much-buzzed Marwencol and also the Mark film were there.  I'm hoping to see those films at the Doc Shop before the festival's end.  The Doc Shop is an accessible archive for Hot Docs delegates of (almost) all the films submitted to Hot Docs.  It's a convenient way for buyers and distributers, or curious folks, to check out films they may have missed or won't be able to see at the festival.

Hot Docs is proving to be more and more amazing, and I'm realizing that, even though it may cost a good many pennies to purchase, acquiring a Delegate pass is so worth it.  Especially for the ability to contact and meet with filmmakers, buyers, distributers, directors, producers, broadcasters etc...  I can't imagine how many sales or deals are made over these few days (hopefully alot).

Okay, off to bed with me.  Tomorrow, we're visited TDF (The Documentary Forum).  It's an intensive pitching forum, and not many are privy to watch the pitch teams in action, so I'm very excited.  HOT DOCS WOO!