HOT DOCS! Day 9 (the last day for me)

Well!  This blog post is coming a few days after the end of Hot Docs (for me at least) as I needed about two days to recover from all the activity, and seemingly getting sick twice (what was THAT all about anyway?). Day 9 started off with the DOC U group gathering together at our base camp, with Robin Smith from KinoSmith joining us!  It was very beneficial to have a local distributer come talk to us, as he was very honest about the industry and his experiences but also gave some great advice in terms of the filmmaker's rights (protecting them!) and what generally happens in distribution.

Then we had about an hour to discuss the Hot Docs experience and suggest any solutions for any issues we may have had with anything that went on.  In all honesty there wasn't much I would change, and I feel like my actual experience in DOC U soared past my expectations.  I feel very confident about heading into the documentary industry, and that I can lean more on the "artistic" side, that it doesn't have to be all about the industry or business.  At least for personal projects that may be more festival focused.  Now, whether or not I can make a living....that's another story. :D  No, just kidding.  Kind of.

I biked home to beat the thunderstorm and then took a cab due to the downpour to The Windsor Arms Hotel for the Hot Docs Party!  It was pretty fun, although I think more dancing would have been awesome.

I have to start reminding myself that I need to pay for my coffee and alcohol from this point forward.  :D  Thank you Hot Docs!!!