Jan 6, 2008

Photo Shoot Morning! I became the photographer....unfortunately I had no lights, so it's a bit dark, but I hope the pics turn out. Thank you photoshop. Below are some pics from my day, of course. Johnny made the day brighter....lol it was actually quite gloomy today. The highlight was helping Robyn pick-up a couch from the Bloor St. Value Village. Hilarious!!!!!

Actually, the big highlight was where we shot the photo shoot...the main floor of the house that Robyn lives in. GORGEOUS! Everything I could ever want in a house, and it was huge!!! The ceilings were so high. It was actually featured in The Toronto Star as the house has a great history behind it, apparently (I don't know it, but I've been told it has). I hope Robyn's landlady writes her book, because I'd love to read it.

Song: "Fevered" - The Stills