The Girl in the Field!

Oops! I completely forgot to talk about why I've been so busy!

January was solely dedicated to films that I'm producing: The End of Paradise (dir. Ben Edelberg), and The Girl in the Field (dir. Anna Rolek).

As of February 4th, 2008, both films were wrapped and we now go onto the post-production process. This is definitely much as I loved working on the films, although the time heading up to filming was so stressful, I remembered that they will be my last as a Ryerson undergrad...kinda sad as I realize my time at Ryerson is coming to an end....well, I hope not completely.

I'm happy to report that my Doc Media application to Ryerson's master's program was deemed "complete" and is now being ripped to shreds by the jury members!!! lol I really hope I get into the program. It just sounds like the perfect program for me, to do both research and filmmaking. So here's to that!

I also applied to an internship with TIFFG, but alas I have not heard from them and think that my application has gotten da boot. Oh well, at least I tried. Thanks John for pushing me to get it done!!!

Now that films are over, I'm definitely looking forward to the finished products, to RUFF 2008, to reading week (where I'll be vacationing in the beautiful and scenic Waterloo Ontario haha), to beginning my documentary on the family farm, and to what the rest of 2008 will bring. It's hard to belive that once RUFF is here, the year is almost half over! And then graduation, and then what? Everything is up in the air at this point, so I hope Doc Media comes through for me. Here's to hoping!

(the pic above is a composite I did of Mr. Brandon Forsyth. The talented Andy Tsang took the photograph on one of the shooting days of "The Girl in the Field".
the pic below is of the lovely Robyn Kenny, from the set of "The End of Paradise", taken shortly after wrapping by me!)