My first day at the mall since Christmas....the clothing was sooo disappointed. Basically, shopping at the only stores I can afford clothes at, all I find are thin and tight clothing! And the sleeves! Where did sleeves go?! The only nice tops have no sleeves, and I myself prefer sleeves. Pfffftttt!

Well, I managed to find some stuff on sale at Sears and the Bay, which by the way, these department stores suck. Their clothing is all for women 40+. What about me?! It's hard to find clothes in between teen and over-the-hill I find....once again, that I can afford. BAH!

The good news...I went into Sephoria and am finally in possession of the correct foundation shade for my skin, with some redness-reducing primer which makes my skin feel so soft! As much as the low price of cover girl is tempting, in order to do my skin up right, I need something proper that's going to do its job. And if that means spending a bit more....well, hey. It's my face.

I also finally bought a lint brush for my poor coat! Wow, my life is exciting!

John, apparently firebreathing. Sorry I don't have a pic to reflect the day.