Feb 11, 12, 13, 14

So! I received a package from my family for Valentine's Day! I was so excited! Basically my Valentine's days are always spent apart from the one's I love dearly, so it's nice having some kind of material connection to them I suppose lol. Mmmm chocolate!

Work was good today...got out early! Yay! Ran to my interview at Matter of Fact Media Inc...and I got the internship!!!!!!!!!! I start transcribing footage ASAP, and then come in two days of the week, and I'm getting paid for some of the work I do (which is awesome, since I wasn't expected to get paid anyway).

Really, interns should get paid minimum wage for the hours they work because they still do the work, but I can understand why they don't as some production places need the help but can't afford to pay. I'm just happy I'm getting something, because as much as I cannot afford to work for free, the experience I gain from this opportunity will be better than any wage....except when I get hungry! lol just kidding.

Anywho, four pics to post today! One for each day I've missed since my last post! Thanks John for getting me to post! I love posting, just don't get around to it, or don't take a pic everyday so I end up using pics from past days. Like this post lol. The pics below were all taken Feb 13. I was just playing around with the camera.

The last pic, a shot through a fence of an old water tower, was one I took on my way back from the interview. Kind of a nice area, and the snow was completely untouched. And I actually crossed a railway to get to the building, but I'll post that later!

[Pics: 1. Light from my desk lamp (feb 13) 2. Lights from outside (feb 13) 3. Fern, drapes, long exp. (feb 13) 4. Water Tower (Landsdowne, north of Bloor) (feb 14)]

Song of the Day: "Flashing Lights" - Kanye West