Blueberry Soup, a documentary

So many of my friends from Film Studies are out in the world making amazing projects.  One of these projects is called Blueberry Soup, a documentary that follows the challenges facing Icelanders in their quest to create solutions, systems, and devices that change the way the Iceland participates in the global economy.

This inspirational path of discovery begins in October, kicking off with by attending the You Are in Control Conference in Reykjavik.

They are within reaching their goal on Kickstarter but need about 8% more to make it!  Visit their Kickstarter page [ ] to donate!  One of the perks as a donator (depending on your level) is a DVD of the film and a jar of blueberry jam!!! Mmmmm.  Please do let me be without my jam.  Donate now!

Also, visit their Kickstarter page for a beautiful trailer for the film.

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