Motivation at the wrong time

So, I always seem to get motivated about things when I'm not in a position to execute any of my motivation.  For example, I'm inspired to finally clean up my multitude of receipts and enter them in my accounting book, except that I'm on the GO train and can't access them.  And as soon as I get home and they are accessible, I've lost the spark. So tomorrow I have to go somewhere to pickup/pay for something (can't say--involves a Christmas gift), and I'm so incredibly unmotivated and lazy right now so I thought I'd just call and say forget it, that I'd do it another day.  So just for curiousity's sake, I googled the address of the place I had to go...thinking it was gonna be a good trek which meant and I couldn't possibly do it tomorrow as I have a crap load of stuff to do and only have a 3 hour window of opportunity in the morning but etc...

Turns out the place is 3 blocks from my house.  THREE FRICKIN' BLOCKS.  If I can't do that...well then may the Lord help me. lol

This week has been pretty good to me though.  I'm feeling more confident about school, not that I wasn't before, but I was crazily behind from being sick.  I'm finally in a normal sleep's 12:08am and I'm sleepy!!!!!!!!  hurray!  So yes, hopefully this keeps up.  I like being awake and functioning at 8am, believe it or not.  It's much easier to do when I know that I'm well rested and won't crash at 4pm.

Now just to tackle the mountain of work I have to do.