Tiff Report: Fubar II, and Day 2 with Super

Yesterday was my first volunteer shift for TIFF at their Midnight Madness.  I managed to be able to see the film being featured that night called Fubar II.  It's not my kind of film really, and I wasn't planning on seeing it or liking it for that matter, but I can honestly say that it was a great film!  Quite hilarious, but I think the crowd helped.  Everyone was really excited (and probably drunk) which made for one of the best audiences, I think, that TIFF is known for because of Midnight Madness. Tonight is Day 2 of the festival AND for me volunteering.  The film screening at Midnight Madness is called Super, directed by James Gunn starring Kevin Bacon, Liv Tyler, and Rainn Wilson and the crowd is going to be pretty wild I think!