The Documentary Show

Farewell The Documentary Show

The Documentary Show, that aired on, is officially over.  It was a lot of fun and I wish it could keep going, but that's the reality of graduation (well, eventual graduation).  Thanks to everyone who tuned in and thanks to for allowing me to host the show!  I'll be finding someway to upload the podcasts to this blog, but for now you can navigate to for the downloads.


The last three weeks have been, well, a whirlwind of activity!   Things haven't stopped, and although I've been filming and doing all kinds of work, one thing I haven't kept up on is this blog.  I wanted to post some video and photos of my recent shoots, filming my dad combining and talking about the farm, but that will have to wait for later in this week. In the meantime, I'm editing a different project currently and preparing for The Documentary Show!

The Documentary Show, airing Tuesdays at 10am on SpiritLIVE, has been loads of fun so far although the beginning has been mostly me testing my technical skills.  So far so good!  I've also begun to reflect on the radio show (a.k.a -  a live online show that becomes archived and turned into podcast) as it relates to the archive.

I've used the show as a platform for my musings on the documentation of my family for my thesis project.  The weekly shows, which get archived, become a journal for me to view later.  But these journals are different.  While the topics are decided beforehand, I allow myself to talk freely about my project while on the air, and it's as if I'm talking to someone rather than merely filling up the empty studio up sound waves.  This journal instantly becomes a public one, easily accessible by me or anyone else.

While I talk honestly about some of the issues that plague the making of my documentary thesis, I probably automatically omit personal details for the sake of the viewers.  :D  Although those personal details might be interesting in themselves.  Isn't that what we love about documentary?  When people reveal things about themselves, or allow us access to the most intimate details of their lives?

So then the show becomes a retrievable archive of my thesis reflections, of the other going-ons that were new and current as I went to air, which I will still find funny and interesting even if I retrieve them several years down the road.  How will the meaning of this archive change as the years pass?  What will it become, if not, simply, a time capsule of my 2009 self.  Will it become something more, and if so, what?  More research and thinking is to be done!

No worrying about copyright with PicApp?

[picapp src="0101/6262bfad-6290-4edc-942d-121524398c49.jpg?adImageId=5352936&imageId=105541" width="500" height="333" /]^--- PicApp photo.  Searched Toronto (creative photos).  Pretty nifty!

Wordpress has announced that they've enabled access for Wordpress bloggers to the service PicApp.  Basically, it allows one access to "millions of available premium images to the mix, all for free, and the service offers up to the minute sports, news, and celebrity images from some of the top photographers and agencies throughout the world."

Seems pretty cool!  Especially since I don't have to worry about forgetting to add a photo credit, if I might get a "cease and desist" letter from a photographer, or if I'm trampling on copyright laws, etc.  I just embedd, and forget about it.

Seems like a good way for photographer to get credit while allowing bloggers to use their images, kinda like Flickr's Creative Commons database.

This reminds me of a discussion in class last week, after listening to the CBC's "Who Owns Ideas?" podcast on the Ideas radio show.  It went over some of the key issues regarding copyright laws and downloading content, especially today.

PicApp seems like one of the many new web services that enables the free sharing of "ideas, culture, and creativity" (music, photos, video), while also crediting the photographer.   Curious to see what other interesting developments might occur, especially in regards to music.

***Update: Check out the terms and conditions...I haven't gone through them all, but they're pretty interesting.  Of course, once you use images from PicApp you end up entering into a contract with them, like almost any web service, such as twitter or wordpress.  They are very explicit of what you can DO and NOT DO with the visual content you obtain from PicApp, as expected.

I wondered what the deal was.  How does PicApp make money from offering photos?  Advertising is a big part of this of course, and is mentioned I believe in the terms.  PicApp "facilitates the flow of royalties through the incorporation of advertising in visual content for online use."  Kinda like Hotmail--every email you send, at the bottom is some kind of advertisement.

What I find very interesting, if you make your way through the part about ads in the terms, is that it seems like the goal of website advertisements is to never make it obvious that something is an ad.  And so, for example, I can't tell someone to click on a Google AdSense ad to generate more monies for me.  That goes against the terms and conditions of me allowing my blog to have such a feature.  Oh, and I can't create a web page that "thank you"s for clicking on an ad.

Oh internets.  You are teh funnies.

TIFF Wrap-Up, and The Documentary Show

Lights at the EX, 2009 TIFFis over for another year.  It seemed so big this year I can't even imagine what the next will be like.

I got to see two more films, the first was a doc - The Art of the Steal.  Such an amazing film!  It was a fast-paced suspenseful thriller, telling the story about the Barnes collection in Philly and how it was "stolen".  My heart skipped a beat for sure at several point.  There is serious buzz around this film.

I also saw Tanner Hall, which was really great.  I loved the characters, and the film was shot so beautifully.  It has been described as a coming-of-age film, and I feel it does a great job at that.  It covered some tough subjects in a touching way--I loved how the filmmakers allowed you to see both sides of a story, or character.

Thanks to the TIFF organizers for such a great volunteer party. This is London was definitely an awesome venue!  I had a lot of fun, and can't wait for next year.

Okay, so with TIFF over, now onto concentrating on my doc, and also a new side project: The Documentary Show!  A new radio show hosted by me, on Ryerson's online radio network Spiritlive.  Broadcast details will be announced soon!  Email the show if you have any ideas for topics or whatnot, or if you'd like to be involved in some way. , or visit the twitter!