Notes on the Other


I'm about to head off to get tickets to films and thus the short post, but I'll elaborate later. Yesterday was a day for docs and docs only for me!

Saw Anne Perry-Interiors, preceded by the short Notes on the Other.  Both films were based on authors, and provided a glimpse into their private lives.  I really loved Notes on the Other.  It was actually my favourite of the day, I think.  It was simple but beautiful, with a concise message that had great depth to it.  I keep repeating the, "I am he. I am he." phrase that was littered throughout.  I think I'm beginning to understand why people gravitate towards Hemingway so much.

Ran to catch Bhutto, which was a great film.  Tons of information though, which seemed overwhelming at times.  But overall very good film!  Her life was extraordinary and the film definitely captured that.

Rushed on over to catch Life With Murder.  Another great film---definitely raises a lot of issues, not just in terms of documentary filmmaking but also the issues the film raised itself.  This film seemed to come from a different perspective than expected with these kinds of "investigative" stories.  And although I couldn't stay for the Q&A, the subjects were actually there at the theatre which was great and I applaud their courage.

Biked on over to The Bloor Cinema to catch 1991: The Year Punk Broke.  Made it, with time to get popcorn! Firstly, I thought this was a documentary on punk, not a tour doc.  Secondly, I'm not a punk fan and know nothing about Sonic Youth.  Thirdly, I thought this film was new (lol see #1).  Silly me, not reading the Hot Docs program book properly. Despite that, the film was really awesome and is a reminder that docs come in all shapes and sizes, and don't have to adhere to any formula.  I forget that from time to time.  1991 breaks the rules, both in content and in form.  I loved Damian Abraham's (from Fucked Up) enthusiastic introduction to the film, as he explained it really influenced him.

Okay, off now!  More to come, especially thoughts on Hot Docs "etiquette" as told through the "precious" filmgoers who feel the need to express every annoyance around them which just comes off as idiocy really.  But they don't know that, which makes it more fun for me when I do a secret Liz Lemon eye roll. Oh brother.