A Dream is a Wish...

When I was a kid, I absolutely loved watching Disney's Cinderella.  The VHS would play and I'd pretend to be Cinderella, acting out all the scenes in the movie. My mum likes to remind me of this often.

So when my friend Salini asked me to photograph her artwork in preparation for her year-end show, I was surprised to find out it revolved around Cinderella!  She has kindly let me showcase the beautiful detail of her paper box scenes.

To see it in person, visit the Seneca's Illustration Diploma Art Exhibit [fb] [twitter], running from April 17 to 21, 2012 at the York University Special Projects Gallery.

Art work by Salini Perera [website] Photographs by Kathleen Mackey 

Buttons, buttons, buttons galore!

I forget how much I love great button designs!!! buttons-yaelfranThe buttons above are from Yaelfran and available online for purchase through Etsy.

Function buttonFunction Magazine just had a bake sale at the Image Arts building at Ryerson University and also sold some buttons.  I bought one that I thought was particularly pretty (to the left).

img_1668I've managed to lose about half of these buttons, but anyone who checked out the AGO's Andy Warhol exhibit probably remembers the free button swag, with about 5 (?) buttons that, together, spelled out his name.  Here is my last remaining button (to the right.)

And finally, who can forget spacing's buttons!!!  They have a button for each subway stop.  I currently own Dundas and Union buttons, as those are my two main stations I use.

If you didn't get enough button action, check out Smashing Magazine's article, "Handcraft Strikes Back: Buttons, Badges, Pins, and Clips".