Consumer Cravings

weakwomencard Just this past year I discovered my love for paper. By paper, I mean paper designs and designs made with paper, or even just designs on paper....uh, yeah!

I stumbled across this blog a few months ago and love the paper ideas they post.  It gives me so much inspiration, but alas my low funds stop me from purchasing any of the products.  Which is probably a good thing.

I've discovered many awesome design blogs of late and, as incredible as they are and the products they feature, I realize that I can't get carried away with the urge to buy buy buy consume consume consume, which inevitably happens.

This intense urge to buy was deemed by my professor in the "A History of Material Cultures" course I took undergrad as a lust for a product or consumer item.  He challenged us to put off buying any product that incites this lust at first glance for about two weeks time and then see if we're still infatuated or not.  He said most often than not after two weeks we'd probably either forget about the object or be far less enthusiastic about buying it.

I always like keeping this in mind when I have that incredible impulse to buy...and it actually some cases.  Why does the world have to have so many awesome products in it?!?!

The pic below is of The Paper Apartment's note collection, as posted on Paper Crave's blog.