DOC NOW Opening Gala

The week is almost over, and it's hard to believe that the DOC NOW film premieres and Opening Galas have come and gone!

The films premiered at the John Spotton Theatre (NFB, 150 John Street) over three nights (June 7-9).  It went so well, and I was happy that everyone enjoyed the work, and that people liked my film!  Woohoo!

The Opening Galas for the photo and new media exhibitions were on June 10th starting at Beaver Hall (29 McCaul Street), and then at the 80 Spadina Avenue base camp (Toronto Image Works, Studio Two, and Ryerson Gallery), with four galleries total opening their doors to the public, showcasing the awesome works of the Documentary Media (MFA) graduates.  Congratulations everyone!

The festival isn't over yet though!  The exhibitions run until the end of June, with some going until early July.  There are more film screenings starting TODAY (June 11), and then on June 12th and June 15th.

The next screenings for my film are on June 12th (2pm) and June 15th (7pm).

Visit the DOC NOW website for more information!  Check out the exhibitions---they're AMAZING!