New Growth On Old Barn Site (+ photos)

Visiting the farm in June 2012, I come across the growing soybean crop that was sown on top of the old barn. Dad says they're in the first trifoliolate and doing well. Having no idea what he's talking about, I ask him to explain and received a good "beginner's guide" to growing soybeans.  Dad also expresses frustration that the thistles survived the initial plowing of the field, but says they'll be gone after a spraying. The use of pesticides in farming is controversial, well and in general, but I see what he means.

Took some photos of the old family bike. I'm anticipating a project surrounding this bike. Both grandpa and dad remark that everyone in the family used it to get around the farm, but also to and from town. Using a bike for daily commutes generally isn't the case today in Whitby, although it's been great for me in Toronto. And thus I bought a new Raleigh 5 speed. It's neat seeing the bikes side by side.  There seems to be this return to the bike in recent years, but its significance as a legitimate mode of transportation in a city, or anywhere for that matter, is slowly being recognized. Frankly, it just has to be now.