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Preservation and Transformation, and rhubarb

Last Thursday evening I took part in the DOC NOW panel, presenting aspects of my thesis film on the family farm in relation to the panel's theme: preservation/transformation.  I presented alongside two other classmates, Tara Ernst and Marc Losier, who are also both exhibiting work at the DOC NOW festival.

The panel was a great way for me to practice talking about my film and the ideas that surround it.  My film is not just about my family farm and its sale but also about the ways the farm is being preserved whether it be through photographs, home videos, a Mackey Family History book, street signs memorials (see image below), or objects taken from the farm and used again (like the beautiful peonies and delicious rhubarb that can be found in various relatives' gardens).

In fact, last weekend I transplanted a rhubarb root from my parents' garden to my backyard in Toronto.  The root originally came from the farm, and my Dad estimates that it's at least 50 years old.  Now, if only it would survive in Toronto...we'll see!  The squirrels have already chewed what was left of it aboveground, but here's hoping the root is resilient!