Dreams for a Dairy Farm

January 22, 2010Preliminary Interview with Dad

Kathleen: What's going to happen to the farm once you decide to retire.  Especially since our family will no longer be a farming one.

Dad: Oh, I don't know.

Kathleen: What do you mean?  Wait--do you think one of us (my two sisters and I) will take it over?  Seriously?

Dad: Well, who knows.

Kathleen: Dad, you honestly think one of us might swoop in a save our family livelihood?  Well, okay, fine but I'm turning it back into a dairy farm.  [laughs] How much would that cost---uh, nevermind cost.  But it's going to be organic milk sold locally.  There's gotta be a market for that right?  And we can name it something....well, what would you call it?

Dad: Fa Milk.

Kathleen: Why Fa Milk?  How do you spell that?  F-A-H or F-A--

Dad: F-A.  Fa Milk.  So when you go out you can say, "I'm going out FA MILK!".

Kathleen: I'm not sure I get it.

Dad: You know, Fa Milk.  For milk.  Going out FOR milk.  Fa Milk.

Kathleen: Uh...maybe....well, we'll see.

I found this exchange quite hilarious.  And note, it's not word for word.  This is the best my memory can do unfortunately.