"You Bought It Mister!"

After underestimating the amount of work that goes into my rough cut, I won't be showing one tomorrow.  Instead, the rough cut will be completed for next week.  Yup.  Underestimated is an understatement.

Right now I'm selecting photographs that will illustrate the many changes the farm and its surrounding landscape has endured.  I've already posted some of these photos in the blog, as I find them to be a fascinating glimpse into the farm's past.  However, I've neglected to thank my family members who actually took the photographs!  So, thank you for taking and saving these family photographs, and also for allowing me to steal your albums to scan those photos and use them in this film.

Oh, and also articles.  This clipping above was given to me by my Aunt Maggie, and was taken at a farm sale.  The photographer captured my Grandpa (the man below the auctioneer's arm, and I find the caption to be really funny.

Back to work for me!