My second favourite month...

...or perhaps my favourite. October is in competition with May for sure. They're individually months of marked late seasonal changes that bring my favourite things--peonies, lilacs, beautiful greenery versus gorgeous fall colours, a feeling of renewal (despite the death of the greenery) due to school reminisces, and Hallowe'en--my favourite holiday.

This May, and for part of June, I get to live in the Annex as I cat-sit, which invites me to explore the beautiful neighbourhood which apparently is full of lilacs!


Spring Flowers

Spring is finally here! And of course Hot Docs came and went...when it rains it pours, and I sadly only got to see two films at this year's festival. It's the name of the documentary game, and so I look forward to next year. A plant that didn't do very well last year is back with beautiful purple flowers, to my surprise and delight. Here are some photos with others from the Riverside hood.

Milkweed on the farm

The beginning of April is around the time of my sister's birthday which means a trip home to Oshawa. My sister (the non-birthday one), my mom and I went walking through the farm and came upon some milkweed plants and their pods, some empty but a few were full of seeds. I decided to take some photos and my mom opened one up to show us how the seeds disseminate. I love the soft and fluffy texture of the seeds.

DOC U, Hot Docs, and backyard reno

It's that time of year again!  Hot Docs is just around the corner, as is my venture into the DOC U program!  I'll be reporting my adventures everyday, and hope to see a zillion films this year!  The week is booked off! Also, housemates (and myself, but I must give them all the credit and they really put in the initiative) have undertaken a giant reno of the backyard.  It's slow as it goes, due to availability of ourselves, but I'm hoping the end of summer will yield some fantastic after photos.  I don't even have a very good before photo, but below are a few from a few weeks ago.

Last summer I blogged about composting, which failed, mainly due to lack of access to the backyard's compost, but that problem doesn't exist now so hopefully composting will begin!  Hurray!