wind chime

Wind Chime on Lake Ontario On Friday, I visted the Harbourfront Centre for the opening reception of an art show. I was a bit early and was trying to look for a place to park my bike, so I took a short tour along the boardwalk. On my way there, I heard several loud clanging noises that had a musical quality to them and rode over to investigate the source. I thought maybe some kind of sound installation was going on, but the sound was coming from one of the ships on the waterfront. Its various ropes and whatever was one them were clanging against the masts due to the intense winds blowing that day. The different sizes of the masts and striking materials on the ropes (I'm guessing) helped to produce different pitches of the clangs and so the whole ship was like one giant wind chime, floating on the waters of Lake Ontario.  I had to take a video, albeit a shaky one.