Saving My Family Farm


2010, short documentary
30 mins

Made in the Documentary Media (MFA) program, at Ryerson University
2nd Prize at STROLLING OF THE HEIFERS Film Festival (Brattleboro, VT) (June 2011)
DOC NOW Documentary Festival (Ryerson University) (NFB Mediatheque - June 2010)

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White Feather Farms

2009, short documentary
8 mins

The Farmer's Wife Films the Farm

2009, short documentary
9 mins

SPLASH! - White Wall Review at Heaslip House (Ryerson University, Toronto, Ontario) (November 2009)

Thoughts from a farmer's wife on the farm, gender issues, and preservation through home video.

The film takes a closer look at home video, preservation and farming, but specifically from the point-of-view of my mom, "a farmer's wife", a complicated title that connotes different  some very different ideas. Gender issues are discussed in a personal interview between myself and mom, and I discover that perhaps I jump to conclusions in my own ideas of "the farmer's wife". This documentary was done during the time of "Saving My Family Farm".

Family Farm, Farm Family, and Grandpa

Three microdocs featuring my family on our farm


2006, short documentary
5 mins